What are we doing here?

There are lots of good sites out there that highlight the achievements of women and girls in the world and through history. This one just happens to include the people and news bits we’re particularly jazzed about at that moment. And why wouldn’t we want to create more spaces to show women’s achievements? The more the merrier!

Why “Bitch”?

People who use this word negatively are often feeling threatened by the woman they’re lobbing it at. There’s power to be drawn there; people are not threatened by that which has no power.

Some of the women we’ll include here might like the term; some might not. That’s ok, too. For us, the word is about reclaiming the power we see in it.


When we use the term “women” here, we include ALL people who consider themselves lady-types, regardless of what’s on their birth certificate or in their shorts. We’re also not trying to speak for or represent one idea of womanhood. However you come to it, whatever you call it, however it looks to you is A-OK.